Saturday, January 5, 2013

Walk With Me Daddy (Poem)

My son  wanted to give his daddy something special for his 26th birthday. I of course decided to search on Pinterest for ideas. I stumbled upon a poem called "Walk With Me Daddy". As soon as I read it, tears started to flow. It's such a touching poem, but unfortunately I couldn't find the poet who wrote it! Thankfully, the poets daughter contacted me. Helen Bush of Bishop Ga. wrote this poem almost 15 years ago. It is copywrite by Laura Leiden Calligraph. (Thank you for checking out my blog and commenting S Bush. I'm so happy I finally know who wrote this poem. Please thank your mother for sharing such a beautiful poem.)

To create the foot prints on the paper, all I did was paint my sons foot two different colors. (Thankfully it only took one try and the footprints worked.) Then after the paint was completely dry, I printed the poem on the paper and it was complete!


  1. My mother - Helen Bush of Bishop Ga. wrote that poem almost 15 years ago. It is copywrite by Laura Leiden Calligraphy.

    1. Thank you so so SO much! I appreciate it! Would you happen to have a link to her website, blog or anything else I can add? I'm going to update this post right now. :)


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