Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

We carve/paint pumpkins every year to help us get into the Halloween spirit. We made a "poop empoji" (my son's idea), autism awareness pumpkin and traditional jack o'lantern.

This year my son decided we should be Dr. Seuss characters. I thought it was an adorable idea. This will be his last Halloween as an only child, so we tried to make his day extra special. We even made my baby bump into "Thing 2".

The only things I purchased was the blue wig and stripped hat. The rest was made or we already owned. (If you'd like more information on how I created these inexpensive costumes, don't hesitate to ask.)

Warning: These last two pictures may cause a little scare. Please don't look if you're afraid of clowns!

My fiance entered a contest at his work, and wanted my help. He asked if I could turn him into a creepy clown. The makeup took over an hour to complete, and we had most of the clothing already. He won first place!!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. My family and I had a blast. We are already thinking about next Halloween!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Love with Food Gluten Free Subscription Box Review – June 2015

I'm very excited to share that Love with food has asked me to review one of their monthly food/snack boxes!
Get 50% off your first gluten-free box

Love with Food is a monthly food sampling subscription box. They send natural and organic snacks to your door once a month. For every box shipped, they donate two meals to charity.

The Cost:
$9.99/month for the tasting box ($7.99 per month with annual subscription)
$19.95/month for the deluxe box ($16.50 per month with annual subscription), or $24.99/month for the gluten free box ($19.99 per month with annual subscription)

What you receive:
8-12 gluten-free snacks that are organic, all natural, GMO-free, or free from artificial ingredients

You will also receive information about each snack and all ingredients.

And, coupons! (I just love coupons!) This months box even included a recipe, yum! The only downside is they currently only ship within the US. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they decide to make their subscription box international.

Here's what we received in our box!
(The descriptions under each picture is from the brochure. If you'd like to know our thoughts, please watch my YouTube video linked below.)

Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink Popcorn By Lesser Evil:
Pure pleasure? Yes, and then some. Himalayan sea salt's prized for its healing properties and coconut oil's full of antioxidants. That's superfood!
(Vegan, Gluten Free & Non-GMO)

Original Shoestring Potatoes By Pik Nik:
As all-american as your red and white picnic blanket, these crunchy delights are made with USA-grown, non-GMO potatoes.
(Vegan, Gluten Free & Non-GMO)

Be the first to try these brand new popchips, hot off the line! They'll make your taste buds tingle with a slow, growing burn that's oddly addictive.
(Gluten Free)

Seeds, whole grains and chickpeas give these savory bars everything--flavor, crunch, protein and fiber. Looking for sugar? You've got the wrong bar.
(Vegan, Gluten Free & Non-GMO)

Go turn a few cartwheels, because your idea of amazing baking is about to be flipped upside down. No butter, eggs, or flour -- how is this possible?
(Gluten free & Vegan)

Crisp, classics with a kiss of honey. Spread with almond butter for an afternoon snack or save 'em for sundown when those marshmallows get going.
(Gluten Free)

Protein packed quinoa was eaten by ancient Lanka before heading out to battle. Now, baked into a crisp chip with sea salt, weekend warriors take note.
(Vegan, Gluten Free & Non-GMO)

This delicious bar will make you go {organic} bananas! With soy free, vegan chocolate as the featured ingredient, this bar packs delicious flavor with a ton of powerful antioxidants. Meticulously handmade, we start with whole organic bananas. Then, we toss in plenty of chocolate chips, an assortment of fresh oats, and some protein-packed organic pea crisps for a satisfying crunch.
(Vegan, Gluten Free & Non-GMO)

Paleo Hazelnut Cake & Muffin Mix By Paleo Baking Co.
Gluten-, grain-, dairy- and sugar-free, this versatile baking mix will win you over. And just think of your friends and family who will love all the treats you can make with it!

(Gluten Free & Vegan)

Can't sit still? These super-potassium snacks will keep muscles in check whether you're tossing the Frisbee, running the dog or hitting the ball field.


I can't thank Love with Food enough for sending me this box! My son and I truly enjoyed trying everything. It's not often we get to have such a large variety of gluten free foods to test.

If you are interested in receiving your own subscription box, please visit Love with Food!

And, don't forget to check out my YouTube video!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Exciting Family News

We are thrilled to announce we will be adding another addition to our family. This month has been exciting, and full of emotions. Tyson can't WAIT to be a big brother, and has been telling everyone. The expected due date is December 14th, 2015. (Christmas will be extra special this year.)

If you love this sign as much as we do, click here!

After announcing our news, we celebrated by going out for dinner, then taking a walk in the bird sanctuary. We made a couple little friends that day. An adorable squirrel who loves sunflower seeds and two sweet little birds.

Tyson was so excited, he couldn't stop giggling. (I admit, I couldn't stop either!) It's definitely a day we will always remember and cherish.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

DIY Sharpie Plate (Kids craft)

Tyson wanted to make his Nana a special gift for Mother's day. We searched on Pinterest, and stumbled upon tons of Sharpie mugs. Instead of using a mug, we decided to purchase a serving plate.

The first thing I did was pre-heat the oven to 425 degrees.
Then, we gathered all the supplies.

- Vinegar
- Cotton balls/rounds
- Sharpies
- Serving plate (Mugs can be used as well)

I prepared the plate by rubbing vinegar all over the surface. (This removes dirt and oil.) Once finish, I made sure to wipe it clean with more cotton rounds. You can also allow it to air dry.

After the plate was dry, I let Tyson create his masterpiece! (You can even erase mistakes. Just dip a cotton ball in a little vinegar and wipe away.)

Once he was completely done his work of art, we placed it in the oven for 30 minutes.

We allowed the plate to cool completely before touching. It becomes very hot, so please be careful. 

It turned out great! It won't fade, smudge or wash off! Tyson's Nana was thrilled with her new gift! She couldn't believe Tyson printed all by himself! He's struggle for a long time, but he keeps getting better each day.

We are looking forward to making more sharpie art. Maybe we will make mugs next time!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

World Autism Day 2015

Happy (almost) world autism day! As most people know, my son is on the autism spectrum. In honor of April 2nd, I thought I'd write a blog about our experiences.
I always knew something was unique about Tyson. When he was a baby, he would often be in his own world. I fought with doctors and explained that my child needed extra help. He wasn't reaching milestones, rarely responded to his name and seemed lost. They all thought I was overreacting and said "he's just a boy, he'll grow out of it." At 11 months, Tyson couldn't sit up without assistance. My family doctor referred us to an Occupational Therapist. (Unfortunately, it wasn't much help at the time. We were only able to receive monthly appointments.) to how to pull up, crawl and even walk.

After a two year battle, Tyson was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He was three years old, and showed characteristics that finally made the doctors realize I wasn't crazy. He went to speech therapy, along with ABA therapy. Things were starting to come together, and I saw more life in my sons eyes. The ABA therapists at Autism Consultants NB were amazing. They taught him life skills, and prepared him for kindergarten. I can't thank them enough for what they did for him, and continue to do for others.

Tyson is now 7 years old and
attending a fantastic elementary school. All the teachers and staff are so understanding. They go out of their way to be kind and never hesitate to help. Ty struggles with fine motor skills, but is getting better each day. It amazes me how far he's come.

As I sit here reflecting on the past 7 years, I can't help but smile. Autism and motherhood have taught me so much.

  • Patience beyond measure.
  • Unconditional acceptance
  • Quality is more important than quantity  
  • Sensory processing disorder is real.
  • Always celebrate even the smallest of victories.
  • There's a difference between meltdowns and tantrums.
  • Teachers deserve bigger pay cheques.
  • Never stop fighting for what you believe in.
  • "Normal" is overrated
  • No words are more beautiful than "I love you mommy!"
  • We all need a little quiet time once in awhile.
Most importantly, I've learned that Autism doesn't define my child. It makes him one of a kind, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Please feel free to check out an older post I wrote about
World Autism Awareness Day

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentines & Snow Painting

Tyson will be celebrating Valentine's day at school. I thought he'd like to make homemade cards, but instead he asks to make goodie bags. He told me everyone is so nice, and deserves one. (I can't argue with that!) We even made his teacher and assistant a special bag. They received a card, chocolate bar and pencil. For the students, we picked out pencils as well, heart shaped suckers, stamps, an activity book and a card. Tyson really enjoyed helping me put the bags together. We even purchased adorable name tags.

Tyson has been struggling staying quiet in class lately, and the children/teachers are wonderful to him. Tyson can't WAIT to give everyone their surprises! It looks like a lot, but truly isn't. Just a small token of appreciation. (Thank goodness for the Dollarama!)

Afterwards, we decided to play outside. We wanted to make a snowman, but the snow wasn't the right consistency. Instead, we created snow dye. We filled up two spray bottles with water. Then, added green
food coloring to one, and pink to another.

We hope you all are staying warm!
Happy Valentine's day!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Indoor Snow Fun

Our little town has been hit with tons of snow. Tyson has been feeling under the weather and hasn't been able to play outside. So, I got to thinking! What if I brought the snow inside?

I put some snow in a baking dish, mixed up some colored water with food dye, grabbed paint brushes, scoops and some cookie cutters.

Tyson enjoyed painting the snow, making snowmen and pouring  colored water.

He told me that I should never eat yellow snow. It could be dog pee! (Very good life lesson, haha!)

We then experimented with regular water. It was neat to watch the colors fade.

After 20 minutes of playing, we decided to put the snow in the sink. Tyson really liked watching the snow melt and the colors fade.

Bye bye colored snow! It's been fun!

Does it snow in your area? If so, what do you do on snow days?
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